Planning a royal and luxurious honeymoon trip in India? Goa is definitely the place to be! In your favourite search engine, if you type something like ‘Top honeymoon destination in India’ or ‘Best destination for Honeymooners in India’, you must have seen that Goa features in the top 5 list; some sites even rank Goa as #1 honeymoon destination! But what makes Goa a honeymooner’s paradise? Let us find out the top 5 reasons!



Before we find out the reasons for Goa being a perfect honey moon destination, let us find out what exactly honeymooners look for! Any newly married couple would agree that marriage is a hectic affair. The shopping, drawing the list of invitees, inviting your guests, venue decoration, planning the food, wedding rituals, reception, photo sessions and finally catering to the whims of relatives, family members, in-laws and neighbours- the list is endless. So, when you are finally married, all you want is peace and pampering. You just want to head for a romantic destination where you can reach easily and then, be allowed privacy and fun time with your spouse. The honeymoon trip is very important. After all, this is the first chance to know closely the person you are married to. Officially, this is your first trip together as ‘married’ couple. So, you would definitely want to make beautiful memories together. At the same time, budget is important. Lavish Indian weddings can be detrimental to your savings account; hence, you wish to get the best things possible but within a budget. In short, Goa is an answer to all these items in the wish list of every newly-wed couple.




  1. BEAUTIFUL BEACHES: While in Goa, you will have a tough time deciding which beach is best. Each beach has a beauty of its own. Be it Baga, Calangute, Colva,Candolim or Palolem- every beach is beautiful. In fact, the variety and choice of gorgeous beaches make Goa a perfectly romantic destination.
  2. PRIVACY GUARANTEED: Goa is frequented by foreigners. In fact, during special times of the year, the number of foreign tourists tends to exceed the Goan citizens living in Goa. Do you know why these foreigners love to visit Goa? When I asked this question to my guide, he told me that it is because of the privacy and comfort that they are allowed to enjoy along with the beauty of beaches. Goa indeed allows you to be yourself. Drinking your favourite port wine, sporting a bikini, going out in shorts at 11 p.m., tapping your feet to those catchy beats of Goan music in the most well-known night club, holding your loved one’s hands while the waves kiss your feet- Goa offers them all! What else can you ask for?
  3. GOURMET’S DELIGHT: Head for the beach shacks and relax in your favourite couch throughout the evening while you keep munching on all sorts of delicacies. If you want authentic sea food, choose from an array of preparations like baked pomfret or fried kingfish. Wish to have something that goes well with a can of beer or a glass of whiskey? Order those delicious chicken pakoras.
    Wish to eat Chinese food that acts as your comfort food? Nothing can compete with hakka noodles and chilly chicken! Goa is a gourmet’s paradise. Eat what you wish to eat. And the best part is that you will be allowed to eat the most delicious food while you hear the soft murmuring sound of the waves as they roll on the sandy beach.
  4. IT’S ROMANTIC: Red wine, watching sunset together, candle-light dinner on beach, lovely music and just the two of you together- are those the ideas of a perfect dream date? Well, Goa gives you a chance to transform your dream into reality. You can go for such dream dates, over and over again, every evening and every night with your spouse, when you are in Goa.Goa is definitely one of the most romantic places I have ever been to.
    DSCN0063 - Copy
    As a fun-loving couple, your idea of romance may even lie in going paragliding, dolphin watching, cruising and boat rides together. Goa offers you all that too!
  5. LUXURY REDEFINED: After the eventful, happy yet tiring wedding rituals, you wish to get pampered in every way possible. Goa is the hub of 3-star, 4-star and 5-star hotels. Book the best deal on any of the luxury hotels and unwind. DSCN0134
    In fact, most of these hotels have swimming pools, Jacuzzi and spa on offer. Make the most of these pampering sessions. Moreover, Goa is a popular tourist spot that is well connected by trains and flights from almost all the metropolitan cities. Booking flight tickets in advance would help you get luxury at affordable rates even while you travel to Goa and back home.



Make the most of this honeymooner’s paradise by booking the best hotel on the beach you like best. A honeymoon trip to Goa for 3 Nights 4 days in a 3-star property along with 2-way air tickets (booked at least 4-5 months’ in advance) would not cost more than INR 50,000 per couple. Plan your honeymoon in Goa to make beautiful memories of this special trip together.

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  1. Sanjoy Mukherjee says:

    I want to give my sincear thanks to the writer for her way of presenting a place after reading this thing I have got fever of goa and the medecine for me is goa nothing else

  2. Sanjoy Mukherjee says:

    I want to give my thanks to writer for her presentaion I got fever of goa and medicinal remady is goa nothing else

  3. Kinkinee Kinkinee says:

    Nice post indeed…

  4. I m planning a trip to Goa very soon. Cant agree more to ur thots.

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