DIY Jewelry Organizer~ Fun tutorial with pictures

Just as pink, the color mint has a fun and summery feel. It is one of those shades that brightens up my mood in an instant and my favourite color off course. So yeah! I will be incorporating it today over a DIY on a Jewelry Organizer that was loosely inspired from “Pinterest”. Curious? Ok, Jump right in!

What you will need:


Chart papers of your choice (I chose black and white)






Scotch tape

Board pins


Step 1: Cut the cardboard into a square shape to make the pin board and seal it with a scotch tape to tighten and harden it.


Step 2: Now take a black chart paper and wrap the board entirely with it with the scotch tape sealed on the back or sides (It doesn’t need to be aligned very well as it wouldn’t be visible later).


Step 3: Yet again cut the cardboard paper to make four identical thin strips which would be used to make the frame as seen in the picture.


Step 4: Follow step 2 on each of the strips using white chart paper.


Step 5:  The strips needed some color so I chose mint.

Tip: I poured a small amount of green paint into the white paint to achieve the desired color. 

Paint the strips using a brush and let it dry overnight. ( Using a paint is really messy so make sure to spread some old newspapers beneath prior step 5)


Step 7: Now that the paint is dry, joint the strips to create a square frame using scotch tape and seal it well as done in the picture below . Do make sure that fit well on the board prior step 3.


Step 8: This is how it would look. Make sure to seal it well to make it sturdy.


Step 9: Take the frame and glue it well on the board created earlier and let it dry.


Step 10: Pin on it with the board pins as desired and your Jewelry Organizer is pretty and ready for display.


I hung mine on the door using sticky hook and this is how it looks. Cute!!


#gupshupavenue on Instagram.

I’ll be back with some more fun ideas next week. Till then, bye.

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  1. Kinkinee Kinkinee says:

    This is just woooooowwwww

  2. Swarnali says:

    That is quite an efficient an easy one to make, Divya. Will give this a try

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