DIY Desk Supplies Organizer~ Easy and fun tutorial

Heya, I’m here today with yet another DIY which was a much needed one for my desk supplies. I went shopping for an organizer the other day and did find a couple of them in the market but they were just plain boring so I thought why not create one myself with the help of some cardboard boxes lying around.

Lets get on to the post right away to see how it was done.

What you will need:

Cardboard boxes (I have used three of them)

Beautiful wrapping paper





Scotch tape




Step 1: Take the boxes and cut off the flips on the top.


Step 2: Wrap the outer part of the box using the wrapping paper and slice off the excess. Glue it well so that it doesn’t come off. I had to use a transparent paper to cover the front opening of the box.


Step 3. Follow step 2 on the remaining boxes.

DSC00106 2

Step 4. Mark the spots and seal the edges with scotch tape.


Step 5. I wanted a candy pink shade for the interior but I didn’t have it. So this is what I did!

Tip: I mixed white and red paint together to get the desired color. Voila!


Step 6: Paint the interior to prettify the boxes.


Step 7: Let it out to dry.


Step 8: Seal the boxes together placing the smaller ones behind with scotch tape and Tadahh!! Your organizer is ready! 


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More diys coming up next week! Till then ,Happy weekend! Bbyeeee


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  1. Kinkinee Kinkinee says:

    DIY Queen.

  2. Somreeta says:

    Wow…it looks so perfect

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