Simple DIY Smartphone Volume Booster~

I love doing DIYs. It is interesting and easy to make. My creative self comes to life when I work on such projects.  Yes! As you must have guessed , I have one such DIY to share with all you music lovers today. It’s easy yet an effective volume booster for your smartphones made out paper cups. Want to see how it’s done? Lets jump right in then!

What you will need:

Two paper cups

A paper towel roll or an aluminum foil roll


Pen or pencil

Scotch tape


Some sequins, wrapping paper and paint (for decoration)


Step 1. Using a pen, make an incision near the centre of the roll that is large enough to fit the smartphone in it.

Step 2. Cut out a hole for the phone with the help of a cutter. Try not to cut out way too much.


Step 3. Make an incision on each of the side of the paper cups as well and cut out a hole to fit the roll as seen on the pic below.


Step 4. Place the roll into the cups to check if it fits well.


Step 5. Cover up the roll with desired colored or wrapping paper. You can spray paint it as you want. 


Step 6. Paint the cups with any color of your choice and add sequin, glitters or lace. Get creative and add sequin, drip funky color on the edges of the cups as shown on the pictures below.Go crazy! 

Step 7. Let it dry out in the open.


Step8. Your DIY Smartphone Volume Booster is ready!  Yay!



I hope you liked this DIY too. I have a lot more coming up pretty soon. Till then, ciao!  Happy listening!

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  1. Kinkinee Kinkinee says:

    You are truly creative
    Awsome post

  2. Divya Thapa says:


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