Watermelons make a perfect treat for the hot and sultry summer months. This cool and juicy fruit contains enzymes and vitamins that are excellent for your health as well as beauty needs. Prepare a refreshing watermelon drink and keep sipping it to beat the summer heat. At the same time, use the juice and the pulp of this luscious fruit to prepare skin care recipes and reap its best benefits.




  • TONES YOUR SKIN: This red juicy fruit is an excellent toner. Its natural astringent properties tone your skin and keep it hydrated. Massage your skin with a succulent slice of watermelon everyday as a natural toner to keep your skin hydrated.
  • KEEPS YOUR SKIN GLOWING: Watermelon juice has skin-lightening properties. At the same time, watermelon juice helps to clean the pores and keep your skin glowing. Skin remains hydrated and skin never looks dull!
  • ANTI AGING BENEFITS: Did you know that watermelon juice is rich in anti-aging properties? Watermelon is a rich storehouse of vitamin A and vitamin C. The antioxidants contained in this summer fruit helps decrease the free radicals from your body and keep your skin youthful and free from wrinkles. Relish a glass of cool watermelon juice everyday to keep yourself cool and reap its anti-aging benefits.
  • TREATS OILY SKIN AND ACNE: If you are being troubled by your over-active sebaceous glands, try treating your skin with the goodness of watermelons. Watermelon juice is known to minimize the appearance of pores and regulate the production of oil, thereby keeping your skin fresh and revitalized. Acne is a common skin problem. Massaging your skin with the juice of watermelon on a regular basis is known to relieve acne and get clear skin.



  • FOR EXFOLIATION: Mix a teaspoon of gram-flour with sufficient crushed watermelon pulp to prepare a smooth paste. Apply this homemade exfoliating mask on your face and wait for fifteen minutes. Gently scrub it off your face to reveal smooth and glowing skin beneath.
  • FOR TONING: Freeze watermelon juice along with mint leaves into ice cubes. Rub the cubes whenever you feel your skin looks dull and lifeless during the hot summer days. Skin feels revitalized and cleansed.
  • FOR ANTI-AGING REGIME: Mash an avocado and mix it with watermelon juice. Apply this face pack on your face, wait for twenty minutes and wash off. This anti-aging face mask gives you wrinkle-free skin.
  • FOR GLOWING SKIN: Skin tends to lose its radiance during the hot summers. Prepare a face mask by mixing yoghurt and watermelon juice. Apply it on your face, wait for 15 minutes and wash off to get clean and hydrated skin that glows with health.


  • FOR SOOTHING IRRITATED SKIN: Summer heat tends to irritate your skin and cause sunburn. Mix mashed watermelon pulp and grated cucumber in equal quantities and apply it on your skin to soothe irritated skin, remove tan and lighten complexion naturally.
  • FOR NOURISHING SENSITIVE SKIN: Is your skin sensitive and oily? Mix a teaspoon of honey with 4 teaspoons of mashed watermelon pulp. Apply this mixture on face and wash off after fifteen minutes. Skin feels soft and smooth.
  • FOR TREATING ACNE-PRONE SKIN: Mix a tablespoon of watermelon juice with a tablespoon of mashed banana. Use this refreshing mask on skin and wash off after 20 minutes to reduce inflammation and making skin soft.


Using watermelon for your skin care recipes is easy and effective. Utilize this delicious fruit to say ‘good-bye’ to your skin problems and get healthy skin this summer!


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