L’Oreal Rouge Soprano Extraordinaire by Colour Riche Lip Color Review

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Hello beauties..

Today i will be reviewing L’Oreal Paris Rouge Soprano Extraordinaire by Colour Riche Lip Color .Liquid lipsticks are very much in trend these days.So i decide to try the one from loreal.

Product Description:  Richer than a lipstick, shinier than a gloss and smoother than a balm, Colour Riche Extraordinaire has revolutionised lip colour with a liquid lipstick developed with micro oils. While traditional lipsticks use waxes that can dull colour, oils infuse with colour pigments to reveal their full richness and reflect light for extraordinairy depth, shine and nourishment.

Price:  Rs 950

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Packaging: Well i have to admit that the packaging is really classy.It is a cute little golden bottle with a mirrored finish.Perfect for carrying it in your purse.It comes with a wand like any other lip glosses .And the quality of the wand is pretty good.

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My take on the product:  If you know me then you should be knowing i am not a lip gloss person and i stay away from them as much as i can,one of the reasons being the stickiness of the glosses,I just don’t like that sticky feeling on my lips.But for a change the L’Oreal Rouge Soprano Extraordinaire by Colour Riche was not at all sticky and felt quite light on the lips.I tried it on at the loreal counter and just because it didn’t feel stick i decided to give it a try.Another issue i have with lip glosses is the shiny finish.But again to my relief this one was not shiny at all.It has micro-shimmers in true sense and it won’t give you that glittery effect but just a subtle shine,Which is a plus point for me.



Now coming to the colour it is very summery.The first thing that comes to my mind seeing the colour is “Watermelons”.(You know what i mean).It is that beautiful coralish red shade which looks extremely flattering.And would also give a plumped up look to your lips.

It gives a medium coverage.For me 2 to 3 swipes were more than good.The application is quite smooth too.

When it comes to lip glosses i am never happy with its staying power.Somehow lip glosses don’t stay on my lips AT ALL.This one though stayed for 1;30 hours or may be a little more without snacking.Though After sometime the shine wears off leaving behind a soft hint of colour which looks very pretty.(i personally prefer that more)






>Beautiful summery shade

>Classy packaging

>Has micro shimmers so not that shiny.

>Light weight.

>Does not feel sticky on the lips



>Does not stay for long

>If you have pigmented lips it will take a few swipes to get the actual colour




Much love



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3 Responses

  1. Divya Thapa says:

    Lovely lip swatches! Im not into lipglosses but this one looks pretty on you!

  2. Kinkinee Kinkinee says:

    I am not at all a lipgloss person
    But this one is quite good @divya di

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