Hey girls…It’s rare to find someone who doesn’t strive for a great hair day,every day…

So today I would like to review a product from L’oreal…LISS UNLIMITED conditioner..

Now-a-days it’s almost a trend to get our hair straightened or colored for the perfect stylish look but we often tend to forget to take proper care of it…And the outcome of our negligence towards our hair leads to a number of problems like excessive hair fall,frizzyness,dryness,etc…Some people are even born with such quality of hair which makes their hair look dull and frizzy all the time but there is nothing to worry about it because there are various products available in the market which promises to repair your hair giving it a healthier and shinier look…But the question is WHICH IS THE BEST AMONGST ALL??

We have all used a variety of conditioners,serums,hair masques and have also gone for hair spas but how many of us have the time to go to salons every week or indulge a huge amount of money into hair treatments on a regular basis…So it’s very important for us to select the product that will give the best results at home…

L’oreal is a brand for hair products which can be trusted blindly because their products are generally used by the professional hair experts and beauty salons…So investing money into their products will never leave you unsatisfied because you will get the same results at home as compared to a salon…

So here I recommend all to use LISS UNLIMITED smoothing masque with keratin oil…It’s the best for those having straightened or colored hair because it is mostly recommended by the hair experts as it contains all the necessary ingredients that helps to nourish your hair from the roots giving it a smooth,soft,tangle free,manageable look…There are women facing problems with unmanageable hair and this is the ultimate savior for them,I bet..




1. Best for straightened or colored hair(it’s keratin oil content works wonder for damaged hair)

2. Makes hair absolutely shiny,straight,smooth and soft

3. Available at any store selling professional beauty products

4. Easy to apply(same as other conditioners)

5. Smells good

6. Last for more than 3 months



1. Makes hair oily

2. Expensive as compared to normal hair conditioners






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