Shiseido Ibuki Gentle Cleanser: REVIEW

Hi girls,

this is my first skincare post,i have never done one before and I’m lil bit nervous about it. Worry

Today I’m going to review the Shiseido Ibuki Gentle Cleanser


PRICE: Rs 2100 for 125ml


Okay,this is my first skin care stuff from the brand shiseido.i have tried few of their lipsticks and brow styling kit before,but never got my hands on their skincare products..i had to get a cleanser for myself so i thought go giving the shiseido ibuki gentle cleanser a try..

well,I’m little confused about my skin type at times(I’m still trying to figure out my skin type).My skin tends to dry up in winters and in summers i generally have a combination skin.I have an acne prone skin and i end up getting them when I’m too lazy to take good care of my skin. Cry



The shiseido ibuki gentle cleanser is basically a foaming cleanser,you just need a tiny bit of it, a pea size,work up a good lather in your palm and then apply it on your face.Thats how it should be used ideally.then you massage it for a minute or two and then rinse it off to find a fresh clean face..(ahhh.i love it :In-Love: ).My face looks so clean and fresh after this.though it tends to dry your skin a bit like all other foaming face using the Shiseido ibuki gentle cleanser for more than a week now and i totally love it..I keep on changing my skincare products(i get bored with things easily you know Happy-Grin ) but i always have to be careful while choosing them cause I HATE BREAKOUTS.Ans this product from shiseido didn’t cause me any breakouts yet.(fingers-crossed)

As it tends to dry your skin a bit i would not actually recommend it to people with dry skin..but it works very good for oily to normal skin type beauties..

P.S-Dont go by the term gentle in the name.though its gentle its highly effective and it will surely and gently help you clear your face very nicely





>A very good cleanser,clears off all the dirt and grit from the face

>A very tiny amount is required

>Didn’t cause braekouts

>feels really fresh after the use


>Tend to dry up the skin a not highly recommended for people with dry skin.

>Its strongly scented,so might be a problem for some people(Not for me though)

>Towards the expensive side


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