Clarins UV Plus HP SPF 40 Day Tinted Screen Review

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We girls are always confused about what sunscreen we should use..From childhood to school days and forever we are always advised by our mothers,relatives,elders not to go out in the sun,not to play in the sun,take an umbrella,take a scarf this that and so on..why?cause we are supposed to look pretty like barbie dolls always..even few years back i didn’t find these reasonable enough and didn’t even bother to put sunscreen..but I REGRET.I REALLY DO. 😥

i have been changing so many sunscreen brands and nothing seemed to impress me as much as this one..Clarins UV Plus HP SPF 40 Tinted Day Screen..

What Clarins says about its UV Plus Day Screen:

Face the day with triple protection! UV Plus shields from sun damage with 100% mineral filters. Defends against the elements with a patented anti-pollution complex. Fights free radicals and DNA damage deep within the skin’s surface with organic Cantaloupe — Clarins’ powerful new anti-oxidant from Provence. Invisible protection so sheer, it pairs perfectly with any moisturizer.



Active Ingredients:

  • Cantaloupe Melon Extract – contains an exceptional concentration of super oxide dismutase, an antioxidative enzyme that neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals on skin.
  • 100% Mineral UVA/UVB Filters – Guarantees high protection while its lightweight fluid texture leaves no white residue on skin.
  • Plant Polymers – create an invisible “veil” on the skin, letting it breathe without leaving white traces.



It has anti pollutional components and protects the skin from the dust and pollution of city life..its protects the screen from both UVA and UVB rays..



I totally love this sunscreen,more so because it is tinted.there are basically two shades

>PINK:for luminous radiant complexion

>BEIGE: for a flawless skin

I got the pink does give me a radiant complexion and brightens up my face.its absolutely light and won’t feel any oiliness or stickiness.(I LOVE I LOVE I LOVE :In-Love: )..The main reason i used to hate sunscreens were because they made me sweat like hell,and i hated the oiliness in my face.(i already have an oily skin).buth this one is just absorbs in your skin within seconds leaving your skin soft and supple.For college goers like me its highly recommend cause its not possible for us to go to attend lectures all made up(i hardly get the time in the morning you know,i can’t compromise my sleep a bit Pleasure ),so you just gotta put this sunscreen on and it will protect you from the sun and also give you a glow to kill 😉 .I have a very sensitive skin and I’m religiously using the Clarins UV Plus HP SPF 40 Day Tinted Screen for a week and it didn’t cause me any breakouts.(fingerscrossed)..It can be eased even before makeup and acts as a pretty good make up base.Its highly recommended, and i don’t regret my buy at all.

The texture.I love the pink colour.

The texture.I love the pink colour.



Blends in the skin in no time

Blends in the skin in no time



>Light weight

>Sweat proof

>Protection against pollution

>Protection against UV rays

>Non comedogenic

>Ophthalmologist tested

>Water resistant

>Does its job really well

>Didn’t cause any breakouts,apt for all skin types

>non oily

>Can be used before makeup

>Oh yes i love the cute bottle and it fits in my palm 😀


>Costed me a whopping 22OOINR

>Cant think of anything else



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