MAC Ruby Woo Lipliner from Pencilled In Collection- Review and Swatches.


MAC Ruby Woo Lipliner from Pencilled In Collection- Review and Swatches.

By –Sushmita M J


Mac recently launched Penciled In collection that includes 11 most raved lip liners named after their Lipsticks, just to make it easier for pairing. Apart from MAC edge to edge lip liner I also picked up MAC ruby woo lip liner pencil. Honestly, I was little concern before picking up MAC ruby woo lipliner, I have used MAC ruby woo lipsticks, I love the shade but hate how extremely matte-drying formula it has. I saw makeup artist suggesting lip primer underneath any matte lipsticks for smooth application and non-drying feeling. Frankly speaking unless you are a makeup artist or someone who wears makeup and strong lip colour daily lip primer is not required. Anyways let’s get back what MAC claims.




What MAC Claims: A pencil designed for shaping, lining or filling in the lip. Lip Pencils have a smooth, creamy texture that is perfect for lining the lips or filling them in. They available in a wide selection of colours that each work well with many different lipstick shades.

Price: 1400 INR for 1.45 gm



Mac describes: Ruby Woo lip liner as “very matte vivid blue red” in matte finish. The world famous naturally flattering shade- ruby woo is beautiful on every skin tone. It is a true bright classic red, which has blue undertone to it. On me it looks more yellow-red than blue red, I feel Ruby woo liner is slightly darker than MAC ruby woo lipstick. Let me know how many of you feel the same.


MAC penciled-In lip liner comes in similar packaging like the regular one, glad that they kept the same old price too. However, I wish they did something different with the packaging, we all love attractive packaging right? 😉 😀 Good news is – The texture is smooth and creamier than the actual lipsticks, which is great. When I swatched it in store I was so happy that finally I will be able to use Ruby woo again. I don’t get any drying or pulling effect while application; it applies smoothly and so far it wears comfortably. MAC is king of shades- the varieties of shades available are uncountable, not only they are long lasting but also highly pigmented. MAC Ruby woo lip liner last on me almost 7 hours, I love the fact that they are long lasting similar to lipsticks. These lip liners are great to define lips; versatile enough to mix and match different shades, or wear alone. They create a good base for lipsticks, plus extend the lasting power too.

MAC Ruby woo lipliner-2

What I like about MAC Ruby Woo Lip liner from Pencilled In Collection:

  • MAC Ruby woo is a classic true red which suits every skin tone.
  • Glad that the texture is creamy and smooth than Ruby woo Lipstick.
  • Highly pigmented and smooth on lips.
  • Doesn’t not dry out my lips.
  • No tugging or pulling effect while application.
  • Can be used alone or use it as a base colour.
  • The finish is light weight and smooth on lips plus Increase the longevity of lipsticks.
  • Helps in defining lips and give dimension.
  • Limited edition product.
  • Easy and convenient to carry everywhere.
  • It set to complete matte, yet not drying on lips.


What I don’t like about MAC Ruby Woo Lip liner from Pencilled In Collection:

  • Honestly nothing that I know apart from sharpening and wasting product. I love everything about MAC Ruby Woo lip liner.


Rating: 4.8/5

Do I need to say anything else about this shade? If you love ruby woo but hate the extra mattifying formula and still want it back in your life, then MAC Ruby woo lip liner is your way to go! MAC Kolkata does have many stocks for this shade, I am sure you can get your Ruby Woo back. 😀







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