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Kinkinee Ghosh

Hello all the pretty ladies and the cool dudes out there.
So finally i thought i should give an introduction about myself..
I am kinkinee,a 3rd year medical student by choice,a gonna be blogger by passion and a musician by heart..a loving daughter,an awsome girlfreind(well i’m not sure about this),and a trustworthy freind.
Well well well
i survive on love and loads and oodles of it. i dont like to be lonely and love to be surrounded by loving people all d time. having loads a fun is d mantra of life4me and i also like to do things my way and dnt care abt what people hav to say abt me.. its only the ones who lov me dat i care abt..the rest of the world can..jump down a jagged cliff… i keep myself open to criticism and make way for people to show me my flaws.. its bettr dat way… me tellin people abt my nasty side and let thm find out abt the bettr side..if thy manage to do so.. ha ha.. saves a lot of trouble…. well .. in simpl words… im an open book..evryone can read me…but.. the language in d book is kinda tuff…so its for all to read .. but for few to understand…. try if you dare,,,or care rather….im honest to d straight forward,love to enjoy n be independent.i love to be d best n work for it.i lead,i dont follow!its true that i sometimes give d impression of being egoistic n arrogant.but its not so…im good to people who are good to temper is something i need to extremely emotional n trust d wrong people sometimes.i have great friends n a great family.i can do ANYTHING for d ones i love.n i know that those who really know me,love me alot.
I love travelling.and make sure to pack my bags and go travelling atleast twice a year
I am a hardcore shopaholic,and have this terrible fetish for shoes,bags,makeup,shades(errrr actually
Through the lens of my eyes is the place where ill be sharing about my life my world and all the tit bits around us that might help you best freind rohit is my partners in crime..okay!did i talk a lot???(i am not sorry if i did so)i hope you guys would like our blog and support us(pleaseeee do)
Bye bye..c ya soon
Much love


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